Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Near Horizon: June 2017

Like I predicted, production output for May was way down and, unfortunately, it's going to stay that way through June and probably July.

My tentative plans on the fan fiction front as as follows:

-Gathering Darkness will be finished this month.

-The DOOM Chronicles: Episode One will be finished in July.

-As soon as Episode One wraps up, I'll begin posting my novelization of Gone Home on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule. I'll be able to do this without a problem since I've already written it. This will take up the rest of July and some of August.

-After that, I will post a short story that I've already written that takes place in the same universe as the mystery fan fiction I am writing to serve as a sneak preview of that story's universe.

-The mystery fan fiction I'm writing. It's going to be a novelization, it's going to be fairly good sized, and it's going to be a game I don't think I've ever even talked about. I'll release more information on it as we get closer. I'm going to start planning it over the course of June. The reason I'm releasing Gone Home and then that short story is so that I'll have time to get a good amount of the project written ahead of time.

-After wrapping this secret project, (I don't know how long it will take to post), I plan on writing Episode Two in The DOOM Chronicles, which will be significantly shorter than Episode One.

Beyond that, I don't want to say too much. I'm still tentatively planning to tackle my novelization of Unreal II: The Awakening after Episode Two, but we'll see.

Sorry fan fiction is going so slowly. I'm working on my Post-Apocalyptic Survival/Horror novel, and I'm also taking more time with it. I set a pretty fast pace for myself for The Shadow Wars, and the novels suffered for it. That's why I want to take a bit more time with this one.

Also, a ton of things happened in May that kept me busy. I'm hoping June will be less cluttered.

I'm hoping that the actual writing of the novel will be wrapped up by August, which will free me up some. I'll try to take that time to write more for this profile.

Finally, in late July, I should be able to start posting The Shadow Wars over on my other profile. Dead Ice shouldn't take too long, but then it'll go slower, because I intend to rewrite Dead Skies to make way for the third in the trilogy of novellas: Dead Rain.

The last thing is that I've finished posting Shadows, a horror novella I wrote back in 2012 that actually got published by a small publishing house. With the finalization of Shadows, I've finished up what I call the Classics, or the stories that I had actually written and finished from before the Necropolis era, and didn't suck too much. Now, I've just started publishing Unknown, which transitions nicely into the next era, which is original content written for S. A. Lusher, as I wrote four or so chapters for it back then, but didn't finish it, and now will do so.

So check that out!

Thanks for the support!

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