Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Near Horizon: July 2017

Hello everyone!

So...this isn't going to be a happy update. I mean, well, it kind of is, but...okay, there's some good news and some bad news.

Here's the good news: I have finally unlocked the ability to reliably create print-on-demand paperbacks! This is something I've been trying to figure out for years now. I'm also in the process of getting The Shadow Wars up on other sales platforms. Or, I mean, I will once I have gone through the process of editing and adjusting the whole series.

Side Note: If you have missed out on it, I'm editing, touching up, or otherwise revising the entire Shadow Wars series, AND releasing everything on my S. A. Lusher WattPad account starting 08.01.2017. For the most part, everything will remained untouched, but the pertinent facts are that I'm going to expand Quarantine into a full-blown novel and The Blind War and Into the Void are being boiled down into a single novel, to be titled Into the Void, and I'll be adding a third novella to the prequels called Dead Rain. I'm also going to be releasing six brand new short stories that each feature one of the surviving main characters, taking place after Saturate, as well as a six novel sequel series to The Shadow Wars that takes place ten years later and features a brand new protagonist. If you want more details, check out the first post on my new blog for S. A. Lusher. Web Address:

The other good news is that I'm still making slow but steady progress on my new original Post-Apocalyptic Survival/Horror novel, although it is going slower and less steady than I would have hoped, as June, particularly the last half of it, was insanely busy. I'm looking for to, starting Monday, a huge segment of time where I just work on writing stuff with few interruptions.

So that's the good news. I'm basically going to be dedicating the rest of the year to writing my new novel, and editing, touching up, and expanding upon The Shadow Wars, and turning them into paperbacks.

The bad news is that this is going to cut into my fan fiction writing even more than before. Here's what I'll say: I'm going to keep writing fan fiction in whatever spare time I can find, but I won't be able to promise any kind of upload schedule.

So...sorry about that. I'm hoping that the return of The Shadow Wars, with new content, will make up for that.

Also, either to help make up for that or to make myself feel better, (because please believe me, I feel the pain, I want to write all the fan fiction, but I just don't have the time, and I have to sacrifice something), I'm going to talk about other fan fic projects I have planned in the future.

First of all, let's get the immediate stuff out of the way.

Gathering Darkness is finished. In case anyone is interested, I do actually have a couple more ideas for potential entries in that series, but it will be awhile before I even think about getting to them. All I can say is that the sequel will be REALLY weird and different and a fan fiction crossover of a game I don't think basically anyone ever has written about.

The DOOM Chronicles: Episode One is really close to being done. I'm going to try and finish it as soon as I can, and then I am putting that series on hiatus for awhile because holy crap, that was a LOT of writing. And the series isn't even close to finished.

As I mentioned earlier, I'll be posting my novelization of Gone Home as soon as The DOOM Chronicles Episode One is finished.

I've been blathering on about my secret project for awhile now, and although I've made some good progress on planning it, I've also been feeling a slow, subtle shift in my desire to write it right now. I honestly hate to say something vague and stupid like that, because it sounds like such a useless, wishy-washy thing to say. But that's really as well as I can put it.

Let me try to articulate it a little better.

I think the problem is that as time gone on, and will continue to go on, my desire to work on this project has diminished and my desire to work on other projects has gotten more powerful. The obvious answer to get over it and work on the project. And that's what I do when working on original fiction. But with fan fiction, I do it more for pleasure than anything else, as a kind of stress relief, and it's harder to do so if I'm working on fan fiction I don't want to. Now, obviously I don't abandon any fan fic as soon as I start to get tired of writing it. Once I start, I try really hard to commit to the end, and I've gone pretty well so far, I think.

So anyway, I'm not even sure what I'm going to do next and it doesn't even matter all that much right now since I just explained how little time I have. I'm hoping that, after a few weeks of consistency, I'll start figuring out how to manage my time better.

Right now, I think I'll probably tackle Unreal 2: The Awakening, but honestly, I've been fairly consistently fighting the urge to write some Halo fan fiction for a long time now. Like, since the beginning of the year. Technically longer, I guess. Gathering Darkness did a little bit to help, but it was kind of narrow in terms of getting to write in that universe. So...I dunno, maybe I'll start working on both of them? We'll see.

Now let's talk about everything else.

I do still plan on novelizing both of The Suffering games. Those are a pair of third person shooter horror-action games released back on the original Xbox back in the day. They are awesome. Lots of crazy monsters. I am going to try and also created a third story, closure, as there was never a third game.

Red Faction. I plan on doing a full novelization of Red Faction, Red Faction: Guerrilla, and Red Faction: Armageddon. Red Faction will be a pretty straight novelization. I'm going to expand a great deal on Guerrilla, since the story was extremely threadbare. I also plan to make a big tweak to Armageddon's story as it had a massive plothole and it was a little weak, and I thought of an absolutely awesome way to make it more in keeping with Red Faction tradition.

Split Second. This one is an obscure, strange as hell buddy cop comedy/horror/action B-movie staring freaking Rutger Hauer of all people. I think you can find the whole thing on YouTube. It is so worth watching. I want to novelize it, and possibly even make a series of it. If the power is ever available to me, I want to purchase the rights to the film so that I can do it officially. A pipe dream, I know, but it's nice to dream.

Half-Life. I have an epic series planned. Much in the same vein as DOOM, it will feature a few different protagonists and span the breadth of the Half Life series...and extend beyond it, since Valve has officially fucked us over and abandoned the series because 'they just don't really feel like it right now' and 'the time just isn't right to make a new Half-Life' game. Seriously, fuck Valve. This one will admittedly be more difficult, as my stories take their cues from the games. So I guess I'll just have to continue the franchise in my own way. But I can at least say it's going to be a lot of fun.

Halo. I plan on writing a sequel trilogy to Halo 3. Halo 4 sucked. Halo 5...I didn't even fucking bother. And it seems like I was right not to. The franchise is dead to me now. But I suddenly got a pretty cool idea for my own version of Halo 4, 5, & 6 last year. I want to get to this, you know, someday. Eventually.

Before I get started on that, however, I plan on writing an epic Halo serial. If anyone here is familiar with any of my old Halo content like Through the Eyes of Another, To Be A Marine, or, more recently The Rookie Chronicles, it's basically a hard reboot of almost all of my Halo-related ideas I've ever had, put into one epic length series. It's going to be so long that it will put The DOOM Chronicles to shame by comparison. I fully expect to still be writing this particular fan fiction for five years at least. Probably longer.

See You at the Bottom. I haven't forgotten about this! It's still a secret. Sorry. But I'm going to actually try and get this one out of the way in the relatively near future.

Knights of the Old Republic 3. Yes. In 2004, 2005, and 2006, I wrote a 187,000 word epic called Heroes of the Old Republic, and it served as a sequel to KOTOR 2, and it was only the first story in a trilogy that never manifested. Now, granted it was overly wordy, and I could do a way better job, but I do plan on writing this one at some point. I've been thinking about KOTOR 3 for over ten years now and I've got a really, REALLY cool idea for how to end that particular trilogy.

Those are the most certain ones. I have a handful of other stories that I'm kind of certain about, ones that interest me, but I haven't really had any time to think about. I'll briefly touch on those.

StarFox 64. A little under ten years ago, I wrote what I felt, at the time, was the StarFox 64 fan fiction I had been trying to write for years by then. It was called Hero and it was my own idea for a sequel to that game. I ended up writing a sequel to Hero, and had intended to finish it off as a trilogy. However, by the time I could even think about writing that final story, so much time had passed that I realized I should probably rewrite the first two stories, because I had come a long way, writing wise. I actually still want to do this.

Dead Space. I was fairly disappointed with Dead Space 3. Not necessarily for the story, (interesting story/atmosphere), but for the execution and gameplay. God the gameplay sucked. But at one point I had an idea for my own version of Dead Space 3 before there even was a DS3. It was long and epic and I still might write it someday.

Friday the 13th. I've been a fan of this series for awhile, and I've incorporated Jason Voorhees into my fan fiction before, but I've never actually written a Friday the 13th fanfic. Well, after learning that, after years and YEARS of being in development, the new Jason movie has officially been canceled, I just said, "You know what, fuck it. I'll do it myself." I've got an idea for not just one story, but a sequel series to the original series. Again, someday I want to do this.

Star Trek. I've talked about novelizing certain Star Trek episodes. Horror ones, obviously. But those ideas faded...all except for one. One episode I keep coming back to is TNG: Schisms. Although I lament the ultimate payoff of the episode, (and so do the producers, according to some interviews), I think that the episode had a fantastic build-up. I'd like to expand on that with a novelization/adaptation.

StarCraft. I've toyed around with writing StarCraft fan fiction only a handful of times over the past fifteen years. I love the games, (though I have yet to play the sequel trilogy, someday!). But with the news of StarCraft: Remastered, I realized how much I missed that series, and how much I actually really do want to write fan fiction for it. At the moment, I have a tentative idea, and it'd be fairly standard fare for what you've normally seen me write, just StarCraft flavored. This is definitely another one that'll be a ways off, unless, of course, when I get StarCraft: Remastered (we finally have a release date!), and I not only get super amped and into the idea of a fanfic (that's going to happen, I'm sure), but I stay super amped for a month or more, then it might end up getting prioritized. I dunno, we'll see.

Right now, that's all I have written down in my database. I have a few other ideas floating around, but they're all pretty distant. A few more novelizations of obscure (and not so obscure but mainly forgotten) horror games. But to be totally honest, I really need to whittle down my current list before I can even think of adding anything new, and given how my primary focus right now is original fiction, that may be awhile.

Honestly, I'm hoping that by the time this year is winding down, I might be actually on the road to having a more viable and stable income. Is this is true, then I should be able to actually start posting more fan fiction more reliable. Also, I've been thinking a lot about machinima for some reason a lot recently. Someday, I really do plan to get back to it. I really want to finish the Not Alone Trilogy and continued beyond it.

But anyway, that's it. Thanks for the support everyone, I really appreciate it.


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