Friday, September 1, 2017

The Near Horizon: September 2017

I'll be completely honest: I don't have much for you.

My life is really hectic and chaotic right now, but not for any really good or consistent reasons. The biggest thing is that I'm just dealing with anxiety, the side effects of which primarily include not being able to sleep properly and it being harder to focus and get a very consistent amount of work done. Although it is definitely better than it was a month ago. If things keep going the way they have been, I think I should be able to get back to where I was before this started this month or next month.

On top of that, just a lot of side stuff has been cropping up. Real life problems and situations. Nothing serious, just tedious.

Because of that, I simply cannot really offer any promises or predictions for the month of September.

The DOOM Chronicles: Episode One is finished. I'm glad I got that wrapped up. I've decided it's going to go on hiatus until 2018 so that I can work on other projects.

Right now, Gone Home has begun posting. As I've stated before, it's already completely written and edited, so there should be no interruptions in posting. I'll be putting up a chapter every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until it's finished.

After that? Well, I'm not making any promises for obvious reasons, but I do have an idea. If I can find the time, I want to tackle a story I promised like...three years ago. I finally sat down and planned it out, and it wouldn't be a huge commitment. But again, it really just depends on time allocation. After I do that project, I feel a bit more confident that I'll finally start tackling the novelization of Unreal 2. Honestly, I just want to get a few of these smaller side projects written and done so they aren't sitting there on my list bugging me.

My primary focus at the moment is my Sci-Fi/Horror Post-Apocalyptic novel for my other author name. Although I haven't been able to work on it nearly as much as I'd hoped, it is almost three quarters of the way written now. I'm hoping to pick back up steam on it and finish it this month, at least the writing portion. It's going to go through a few rounds of edits before I send it off.

My secondary focus has become The Shadow Wars again. In case you missed it, both Dead Ice & Dead Skies are posted, in full, to WattPad right now. I've also begun writing Dead Rain, which is the first new Shadow Wars related material written since December of 2016. I'm having difficulty finding time to piece it together, but it's going to take priority on the weekends now, which was normally set aside for fan fictions. I'm going to TRY to finish it by the end of the month, but I can't promise it. After Dead Rain is done, it should be pretty smooth sailing for the next seven novels, since all I have to really do is edit.

And that's really it, unfortunately. I wish I had more to say, or better news, but that's just not happening. Sorry. I hope you like Dead Rain, though!