Who Am I?

So, I don't know if anyone cares about the person behind Obsidian Productions, (it's just me with, very rarely, help from other people), but I'd rather have this written and no one read it than not have it and someone wanted to.

My name is Sean A. Lusher.

I'm in my late twenties, I live in Columbia, Missouri with my wife and two cats. I've been writing regularly since I was about 15 years old, although only recently have I seen any kind of success. (And I use that term loosely.)

I love writing, reading, and playing games. I'm also kind of boring.

Here is a brief history of me.

In January of 2004 I wrote what I consider my first real fan fiction. It was a crossover of Unreal Tournament and The Thing, called Dreary. It was 10,000 words long and terrible.

From that point on, I started writing fan fiction like crazy over on fanfiction.net under the name Obsidian Thirteen. (In 2010 I destroyed everything and renamed myself Obsidian Productions.) I became addicted once I realized that other people could read my work and tell me about it. I had never seen anything like that.

I mainly wrote original (again, a loosely used term) Halo fan fics, featuring original characters, since I wasn't too enamored with writing about the Master Chief. Some of the other games I wrote about were Half Life, Knights of the Old Republic, StarFox, and DOOM, along with a handful of others.

I started trying to get serious about writing original content in 2006, because I knew that I needed to write novels if I wanted to do this as a job. I wrote most of a thriller-action novel that year, but abandoned the project because I didn't like where it was going. For NaNoWriMo in 2008, I officially wrote my (technically) first novel, although I failed on both accounts for the NaNo challenge. I didn't finish it until December 24th that year and it was only 48,000 words. But it was done.

And it sucked.

Ultimately, I rewrote it in 2014. It's called Ceaseless and you can buy it here if you want, although technically it can be read stand-alone, it is the fifth novel in my 15-novel series, The Shadow Wars, and if you like it and want to read more, I highly recommend going back to the first novel and starting there. You can find it here. It has zombies and memory loss.

So, anyway, enough shameless plugs for my books.

Although I had three novellas published by a small-time publisher that had absolutely no idea what they were doing, I basically dicked around until around 2013 when I moved down to Santa Fe, NM for a couple of years. I began writing what would become my first, feature-length, complete novel: Necropolis. (The above-mentioned first novel.)

I uploaded it to WattPad as I wrote it over the course of about six months and saw a shocking explosion of popularity. Before I took it down in September 2013 so that I could publish it on Amazon and enroll it in the KDP Select (you can only do that if you offer your title exclusively through Amazon), I gained 250,000 Views and reached the #1 position in both Sci-Fi and Horror. (This was back when you could assign two different genres to your stories.)

This kicked off my current writing career. Between then and now, I've written fifteen novels, three novellas and nine short stories (all of them part of the same series). I began to experience some success during the beginning of 2015 and although I'm kind of struggling at the moment, I am currently still lucky enough to be making enough money to not have to work a job that I hate.

As my original writing career took up more and more of my time (I've been averaging about 4-5 novels a year since 2014, that is NOT easy), fan fiction took a back seat. Originally, I was kind of glad. I felt burned out and I was ready to say goodbye to fan fiction back then. But in the time since then, especially near the end of 2016, I've definitely felt the call of it and because I've become a lot better as a writer (don't take that as me saying I've become a great or even good writer, I just think I became better, as in I just suck less), and because I seriously want to write fan fiction again I decided to have a return to it and start up this blog to help coordinate all my non-original creative endeavors.

So that's really it. If you have any questions, ask away, I enjoy answering them.

Thank you for your support and I really hope that you enjoy my content.


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